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Location of SNNPR BoFED
Bureau of Finance and Economic Development of SNNPR is located in the regional capital City Awassa, near St. Selassie Church, which is 275km to the South of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The region covers an area of about 110931 sq km which is almost 10% of the total size of Ethiopia.

Mission of the bureau
• To create a system that will enable the efficacious use of resources.
• To take part in the economic policy reform by creating an efficient assets and financial management system.
• To strengthen the regional income by utilizing research studies and information for developing the region.
Vision of the bureau
• To see the living standards of the people improved by creating a transparent and accountable financial, administrative and planning system based on modern technology which could be seen as a role model for other institutions.
• Accountability
• Transparency
• Giving a better service
• Alert for changes
• We guide by trust & knowledge
• Striving for the wealth effectiveness
• Struggling for the persist of development